Consulting Services

Our services are tailored to fit your current needs. Some of our clients are just starting their businesses and some have been in business for years and need to redirect their focus on Marketing and Sales. We will meet with you and set up the best and most efficient approach, what we like to call,  “the plan of attack”.

We Can Help You Grow Your Business:
– Discover what your customers really want                                                                  – Keep your customers coming back
– Increase customer loyalty
– Measure & manage customer retention & loyalty


    • Marketing Analysis – Client surveys
    • Marketing plans
    • Who is your client – Discovery & Action plan
    • What does your client really want – Discovery & Action plan
    • Tagline – Discovery & Action plan
    • Business Summary – Discovery & Action plan
    • Benefits versus features  – Discovery & Action plan
    • Client retention programs
    • Marketing Consultation – Idea generation
    • Press releases
    • Promotions
    • Advertising
    • Presentation creation and training
    • Webpage content – Discovery & Action Plan
    • Sales process – Discovery & Action plan
    • Relationship Building
    • Networking
    • Sales training
    • Sales role play
    • How to close with confidence
    • Keeping the door open program

Your Marketing Sales Solution-With Tagline